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Steps for Persons with Disability

Step One


Click Register, Fill up the complete information and submit, wait for the approval.

Step Two


Once approved, login to the account and see matching employers in your homepage.

Step Three


If you see the appropriate employers, apply as per instruction in the employers section. If you need additional support, contact FOUND project office in your location.

Happily Serving

Steps for Employer

Step One

Register & Login

Click Register, Fill up your organizational profile and submit the information. Once you get login ID, you can enter the job into the system.

Step Two

Search Employee

Employers can see the list of job seeking candidates, you may use keyword to search the person with disability with appropriate skills.

Step Three

Request CV

Employers can only see the skillsets and the benificiary ID. If you are interested to explore more about the persons with disability, you can request Cv of respective person.



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What Employers Say about Us


Sr. People & Organization Manager, Daraz

Rubin Karmacharya

"We are always striving for the inclusivity at our workplace, and by partnering with FOUND Project, we have been able to include the inclusivity to our workplace with so much ease. Working with FOUND has been fruitful and MOU that we have with FOUND is just the beginning for our inclusivity agenda."